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Montse Armengou

(Barcelona, 1963). Journalist specialising in investigative and historical documentaries.

She has worked for the Catalan television network Televisió de Catalunya for more than 20 years, and currently works on the investigative current affairs programme “30 minuts”. She has directed several documentaries about hidden aspects of the Franco era which have garnered prizes in Spain and abroad. These include “Els nens perduts del franquisme” (The Lost Children of the Franco Regime, 2002), “Les fosses del silenci” (The Graves of Silence, 2003), “Ravensbrück, l’infern de les dones” (Ravensbrück, Women’s Inferno, 2005) and “Torneu-me el meu fill!” (Give Me Back My Child!, 2011).

Update: 8 September 2011


Has participated in

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“On the Spanish Holocaust”

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