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Maria Rodés

This versatile composer and singer has worked with some of the foremost groups on the Catalan indie scene.

Maria Rodés, singer and composer, was born in Barcelona in 1986. She made her first disc, Sin Técnica (Cydonia, 2009), as Oniric, with Andy Poole. Her first solo disc was Una forma de hablar (Bcore, 2010). She studied a postgraduate degree in Sound Art at the University of Barcelona which allowed her to discover new perspectives in sound. Influenced by these studies, she made Sueño Triangular (BCore, 2012), self-produced with the help of guitarist Maru di Pace and sound artist Lluís Surós. She has worked with various artists such as Raúl Fernández (Refree), Coque Malla, Espaldamaceta and Anímic, and taken part in various musical projects as a composer and performer. The album Convergència i Unió (Bcore, 2013) is the product of her union with Ramón Rodríguez (The new Raemon) and Martí Sales (Els surfing Sirles). In 2014, she released María canta copla (BCore), experimenting as an arranger and singer, with a highly personal reinterpretation of classic coplas such as Tengo miedo, El día que nací yo, Ay pena, penita, pena and Tres puñales.

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Maria Rodés and Nico Roig. Moderator: Jordi Nopca. Stage direction: Marc Caellas

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