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Gerard Ortín

BA in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona, an MFA in Fine Arts from the Sandberg Instituut (Amsterdam), and is currently completing a MFA in Artist Film at Goldsmiths University with a post-graduate La Caixa fellowship. He combines his artistic and musical training through experimentation in different audiovisual, aural and performative formats. His work encompasses walk-performance, sound and audiovisual experimentation and film editing and direction. He has participated in exhibitions such as Fictions. Caves/Cascades. Blindness of Love (Stedelijk Museum Buro of Amsterdam) and Love Letter to Mars (Office for Contemporary Art, Oslo), among others. He has directed films such as Perrolobo (2017) and has worked as a film editor in different audiovisual projects such as Anatomía y viaje al a cabeza del padre Laburu (San Telmo Museum, San Sebastian, 2018).

Update: 11 March 2019

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