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Gee Vaucher

Painter, filmmaker and visual artist

Born in Dagenham, London, in 1945, Gee Vaucher was a member of the influential anarcho-punk band Crass (1977-1984), whose album covers and posters she designed. Crass, with its anarchist politics, pranks, self-sufficiency, ethos and organisational capacity, defined what was to be the epitome of militant, politically conscious, anti-corporate punk rock in the 20th century. In 1967 Vaucher joined Penny Rimbaud in setting up Dial House, an "open house" that is still active today. In her collection of works (1960-1997) Crass Art and Other Pre Post-Modernist Monsters, she uses paintings, drawings and collage to show the strong anarcho-pacifist and feminist views in her works. Seen as a tool for social change, Vaucher continues to paint, film and use any other medium it might take to pursue an idea as her most recent exhibition, Introspective at Firstsite UK, clearly illustrated.

Update: 3 April 2018


Has participated in

Primera Persona 2018

Autobiographic live sessions: stand-up comedy, pop music, theatre and narrative