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Charlie Pee

Charlie Pee is one of the most regular stand-up comics on the Barcelona scene. Her tantra is “Comedy is truth and pain”. Co-presenter of the daily humorous programme L’Apocalipsi on Catalunya Ràdio. Comedy scriptwriter for television and fiction programmes, animal lover (strictly platonic) and celiac among many other virtues, and her grandmother’s fourth favourite grandchild (out of 16, that’s not bad going). She is part of the organisation of (almost) everything cool in stand-up comedy in Barcelona: Comedy Gold, Roast Battles Barcelona, L’Altre Micro Obert and Les nits del Club de la Comèdia. Oops, not the last one. Sorry!


Update: 30 October 2019


Has participated in

Memefest 2019

A celebration of digital folklore and humour on the Internet