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Carles A. Foguet

Carles A. Foguet (Olesa de Montserrat, 1979) is a political scientist who has worked as a political consultant advising different entities and institutions on communication and strategy. He is a co-founder of the cultural magazine Jot Down, of which he is director of Communications. He is an editor of the collective political analysis blog Cercle Gerrymandering.

Update: 15 April 2014


Has participated in

New Influencers: Who’s Telling us What to Read?

Javier del Puerto (, Jenn Díaz (@JnnDiaz), Bernat Ruiz Domènech ( and Carles A. Foguet (Jot Down). Moderator: Mariana Eguaras (Mariana Eguaras Consultoría Editorial)

Who has power, today?

Lecture by Owen Jones