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Bläue is a pop-rock group resident in Barcelona that was formed in the year 2009. Its fresh, energy-filled live performances, peppered with good humour and a look that from time to time flirts with the Tiki fashion, functions well and over the course of the year 2010 the band achieved a certain standing. They transferred their live performance to venues such as Razzmatazz and Bikini, went on a tour around Catalonia, performed at the BAM 2010 and won the third prize at Sona 9. Following that, among other things, they participated in the Street Musicians Fair of Vilaseca 2011, were invited to the independent tents at the Glastonbury Festival, and started work on a debut album that they recorded at the studios of producer Paco Loco. Released by Discmedi in spring 2012, their “No us enfadeu, porteu-me una serra” includes a large part of the songs in Catalan that they developed during their first two years, plus two in French, and was very well received by the critics. The magazine Núvol, for example, wrote: “They’re a rock group, but they could be the troupe of any madhouse. An amalgam of rhythms, sounds and styles, “No us enfadeu, porteu-me una serra” is a kaleidoscopic work that sometimes is reminiscent of Mike Patton’s unclassifiable Mr. Bungle (“Sintonia”, the track that opens the album would be the most evident example) or Manu Chao’s Mano Negra, especially when using French in their lyrics as in “Faché”.

Today they have adopted a more experimental compositional style, and are working on a new record that they plan to release in late 2013.