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Aniol Rafel

Founder and director of the young independent publisher Edicions del Periscopi.

Aniol Rafel (Barcelona, 1977) has a master’s degree in publishing at the UAB (2006) and studied creative writing at the Writing School of the Ateneu Barcelonès. He has worked as a bookseller, professional reader, corrector of style, translator, publishing expert, editorial assistant, editor and literary director.

In 2012 he set up the independent publisher Periscopi to select and publish contemporary works for the Catalan reader that stand out for their literary value, and to be an intermediary between important narrative voices and readers in search of a reference that ensures a gratifying reading experience in Catalan. Since then, Periscopi has become consolidated as a benchmark publisher on the independent literary and publishing scene.

Update: 22 March 2015


Aniol Rafel

The Leftovers: Remains of a Series or Audiovisual Literature?

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