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Primera Persona 2019

Autobiographic Live Sessions: Tragicomic Monologues, Pop Music, Theatre and Narrative

The year 8 of Primera Persona brings together creators from various artistic disciplines who base their work on their own life experience. The festival has its eighth outing in 2019, striking a balance of generations and genres, and underlining its three distinguishing characteristics: special proposals by big names, a showcase for new voices, and thematic capsules of subculture, sociocultural phenomena and secret histories of the city, among others.

Nik Cohn with DJ Kosmos

The Irish writer Nik Cohn, father of the rock writing and epic chronicler of street culture over fifty years, wrote his first novel, Market, when he was eighteen. Four years later, he published Awopbopaloobop Alopbamboom (1969), a definitive saga of rock ‘n roll, written with arrogance, boldness and speed.

Julieta Venegas

Recitals and live songs

The Mexican singer-songwriter Julieta Venegas, who has sold over twelve million records worldwide, but there’s nothing she likes better than holing up with a book under an angle poise in her bedroom. Her photographer parents didn’t let her turn on the television and signed her up at an early age for painting and ballet classes, and she learned classical piano, cello and musical theory, though she soon started listening to Suzanne Vega and David Bowie.

Brett Anderson with Xavi Sancho

Brett Anderson is the lead singer with Suede and one of the foremost figures of Brit Pop (the press called him a cross between Bowie and Morrissey). He underwent the predictable stages of stardom and addiction, and got through both.

Peter Hook with Agnès Marquès

The English musician Peter Hook is co-founder of the legendary band Joy Division, on bass alongside Bernard Sumner and Ian Curtis. After Curtis’s suicide, which was traumatic for all of popular culture, they reinvented themselves as New Order.

Maria Manonelles and Montse Batalla with Laura Fernández


Mental illness has been the subject of numerous works of art. In novels and films it is common to find the figure of the mad person, be it the romantic artist with a severed ear, the wise fool, psychotic killer or endearing eccentric (or hysterical woman who poisons her children), on too many occasions.

Emil Ferris with Ana Galvañ

For years, the US writer and cartoonist Emil Ferris worked as a freelance illustrator and toy designer. In 2001, at the age of 40, Ferris contracted West Nile Virus (a rare infection for which there is no vaccine) from a mosquito bite.

Thomas Page McBee with Use Lahoz

The US journalist and amateur boxer Thomas Page McBee was the first transsexual boxer to fight at Madison Square Garden. But, of course, that’s just a headline; his story goes far beyond that achievement because his is not a simple narrative of overcoming or of success.

María Sánchez

María Sánchez is field veterinarian, poet and writer. Author of the book of poems Cuaderno de campo (La Bella Varsovia, 2017) and the essay Tierra de mujeres (Seix Barral, 2019), Sánchez is a regular collaborator in digital and print media on literature, feminism, extensive livestock and rural culture.