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Primera Persona 2018

Autobiographic live sessions: stand-up comedy, pop music, theatre and narrative

The CCCB presents year 7 of Primera Persona, the benchmark festival that brings together creators from various artistic disciplines who base their work on their own life experience. Readings, monologues and conversations, performances that the participants prepare exclusively for the festival. This year, Primera Persona is also celebrating its third outing at La Casa Encendida in Madrid.

Gee Vaucher (Crass) with Brigitte Vasallo

Primera Persona 2018

Gee Vaucher is an English painter, filmmaker and visual artist, member of the influential anarcho-punk band Crass (1977-1984). In 1967 she set up Dial House, an "open house" that is still active today. At Primera Persona, Vaucher talks to Brigitte Vasallo, Barcelona writer, teacher ...

Ishmael Reed with Marina Garcés

Primera Persona 2018

Ishmael Reed is a key figure in the history of Afro-American culture. Initially influenced by the beat and Harlem Renaissance poets, his free, rhythmic prose and his beautiful jazz delirium have made him one of the authors who have best managed to explain the ancestral myths of black history ...

Carla Simón and Elena Martín

Primera Persona 2018

Carla Simón and Elena Martín are two representatives of a new generation of highly personal Catalan filmmakers. Simón, after making various experimental documentary shorts shown on TV3, became a global phenomenon with the most intimate story she could tell—her own, that of her family: Estiu 1993 (Summer 1993, 2017), the film that won the Award to the Best New Director at the 2018 Goyas, among other prizes. Simón ...

Virginie Despentes

Talk with Jordi Nopca and Christina Rosenvinge

French writer Virginie Despentes is one of modern feminism’s most vigorous voices. Despentes, who left home and gave up her studies at 17 to become a prostitute and a punk, is the author of the novel Baise-moi (Rape Me), the Vernon Subutex trilogy and the autobiographical ...

Carles Porta, Joan M. Oleaque and Ramón Campos

A Chronicle of Two Crimes

The journalist and writer Carles Porta, author of Tor, tretze cases i tres morts (La Campana, 2005)—the now classic Catalan true crime narrative—talks with the journalist Joan M. Oleaque, who covered the Alcàsser crime for El Temps magazine ...

Tom Gauld

Primera Persona 2018

The Scottish cartoonist and illustrator, Tom Gauld, presents his latest book Baking with Kafka. Gauld reveals the inner workings of his craft based on his cartoons about literature and books which gently send up established writers and the literary canon. He is a contributor to The Guardian, ...

Vivian Gornick

Conversation with Anna Guitart

New York writer Vivian Gornick, one of the world’s most distinguished and respected women writers and feminists, talks about the creative process and feminism. Gornick has written several books, including the two memoirs, Fierce Attachments and The Odd Woman and the City. ...

Sheela (Wild Wild Country)

Primera Persona 2018

Sheela, the central character in the Netflix documentary series Wild Wild Country, gives her version of what happened in Rajneeshpuram while she was Osho’s personal secretary: why the sanyassins were armed and why they used homeless people as voting tools. Sheela also talks about her ...