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Memefest 2019

A celebration of digital folklore and humour on the Internet

Memes have become part of our everyday life, transforming the way we relate with each other and comment in public. Memefest is a celebration of this free, popular and uncontrollable form of communication, where leading figures in digital humour and creation reflect on how we laugh and communicate today.

Meme Battle

Memefest 2019

Presented by Charlie Pee, the Meme Battle puts Memefest participants to the test, pitting them against meme-related challenges. Taking part are Rocío Quillahuaman, Roberta Vázquez, Kike García, Raquel Hervás, Joel Díaz and Joan Ferrús.

Chenta Tsai (Putochinomaricón) and Proyecto UNA

Reactionary Internet vs Bright Internet

We’ve seen how the more conservative sectors use memes, communication strategies and pop symbols for the effective mass dissemination of their ideology. When anyone speaks out against these discourses, they call them “namby-pambies” and defend their own “political incorrectness”.

Kike García and Laura Tabarés

What’s so funny? Memes and weird Internet

The new comedy is designed not just to make people laugh, but to disconcert and cause discomfort. Generation Z, with its mobiles and TikToks, uses a form of humour that is often incomprehensible to older people.


Presentation Memefest 2019

Mockudramas takes the stage for the first time to share the ups and downs of his life as a video editor and producer who doesn’t quite make it as a YouTuberHe is master of ceremonies of Memefest 2019. and, el de Cornellà

Concert and relationship advice

In one of the best-known memes, a young man holds his girlfriend’s hand while looking out of the corner of his eye at another young woman walking past. Because memes, networks, apps, the Internet and mobiles affect relationships and the associated drama.

Rocío Quillahuaman and Roberta Vázquez

Precarious lives, no filters

In the social networks, the number of followers doesn’t always match the number of zeros in your bank account. There is an entire generation that moves naturally in the social networks, the context in which they have found work, but there is a breach between their cultural and their economic capital.

Dank memes: the reaction to an unliveable Internet

Albert Lloreta

Emerging from the dawn of the first Internet, today dank memes can be understood as an absurd expression that condenses the spirt of our times and as an expression of fury that boycotts the marketing logic of the Internet.