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Big Bang Data

Is data the new oil, a potentially boundless source of wealth? Is it the ammunition for arms of mass surveillance? Or should it be primarily an opportunity, an instrument for knowledge, prevention, efficiency and transparency, a tool to help construct a more transparent, participatory democracy?

Interview with Olga Subirós and José Luis de Vicente

curators of "Big Bang Data"

Olga Subirós and José Luis de Vicente, curators of the CCCB project "Big Bang Data" explain what "big data" is and how the proliferation of data in social, academic, scientific, political or cultural fields affects our lives.

Big Bang Data. Virtual view

“Big Bang Data” explores the phenomenon of the information explosion we are currently experiencing. The last five years have seen the emergence of a generalized awareness among academic and scientific sectors, government agencies, businesses and culture that generating, processing ...

Interview with Alberto Cairo

Mar Cabra: “Data can’t explain the human factor”

Big Bang Data. Interviews with Mar Cabra, David Cabo, Gemma Galdón, Adam Greenfield, Evgeny Morozov, Jaime Serra, Gavin Starks and Anthony Townsend

Can data solve our problems? Give our lives meaning? Tell us who we will fall in love with? And make decisions for us? This is the core of “Data Cannot”, a compilation of opinions from experts on the real ‘human’ value of datification and everything data can’t ...

Citizen Science: Knowledge takes power

Josep Perelló

In the midst of the digital revolution, universities are no longer the exclusive domain of knowledge and of learning. But where does this leave essentialist science that is driven purely by curiosity? How can the existing frameworks and dynamics of scientific research respond [...]

After the Deluge

José Luis de Vicente

The last decade has seen some fundamental truths take root, or at least become widespread in the community, regarding the status of information as a raw material and its role in the world. Namely: The amount of data that we are able to produce, transmit, and store is [...]

The Weight of the Cloud

José Luis de Vicente

The metaphor of the cloud has operated as an often overly opaque veil that separates us from the physicality of the net. In fact, one of the best-kept secrets of the Internet has been the massive infrastructures required to keep it running smoothly. But in recent years a series of data centres ...

_Big Bang Data

José Luis de Vicente

_BIG BANG DATA is an exhibition about the ‘datafication’ of the world curated by José Luis de Vicente and Olga Subirós with ZZZINC activities management. In the lead up to the opening in May 2014, CCCB LAB offers a window into the production process through a series ...

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We’re worlds, we’re lives, we’re data, we’re votes

Soy Cámara online

A look at the power of the Internet, inspired by the conferences Greert Lovink and Evgeny Morozov gave at the CCCB. Digital networks connect people and protests while also offering up our privacy to governments and companies. The programme features consultant Genís Roca, professor Ismael ...

Big Bang Data

A #CCCBanys project

On the third floor of the CCCB, we are opening a central space for projects that take an integrated approach to the culture of the 21st century and the major transformations of these times. Big Bang Data is the first of this series of exhibition projects that over the course of the coming years ...