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What do forests sound like?

Research and creation project with deaf people on the sounds of the forest and sign language

What is the first sound that comes to your mind when you think of a forest? What is the silence when you cannot hear? What would be the signs for the sounds of the forest?

An artistic project directed by Joana Brabo that, based on reflections around the forest, noise or silence, activates collective creations that will bring us closer to what moves the deaf people, using the beauty of Sign Language (LS) as raw material.

The purpose of the project is to provide participants with a global vision of the creative process through research workshops that cover different disciplines and languages (acting practices, photography, body percussion, among others); at the same time, collective creation pieces are made to emphasize natural talent and the authenticity and beauty of gestures, when signing and creating new terms in sign language.

The project will have 10 participants from Barcelona and a group of creators of diverse disciplines, and will be developed in 20 sessions from January to June 2024. The process includes open sessions to share the process with families, schools, LS students and online meetings with deaf people from other places in Catalonia.

The final result will be a series of video art pieces that will be made public in autumn 2024.

The participants call has been launched through Cerecusor and the Association of Deaf Artists ASU.

Direction: Joana Brabo

Visual vernacular Artist: Eiden Sánchez

Audiovisual record: Franklin Lovatón and Edgar Murillo

Dancer and choreographer: Íria Llena


Guest artists

Photography: Eugenia Ortiz

Art direction and photography: Anna Cwzalizseska

Acting practices: Nuria Martin and Gemma Piriz, El Grito theater company for deaf people (Madrid)

Musician: Nilo Gallego

Body Percussion: Santi Carcasona
Actor: Carlos Soroa

Collaborations: Associació d'Artistes Deaf Units (ASU), CCCB, Fundació Joan Miró and Xamfrà

"What do the woods sound like?" has been one of the 20 projects selected in the ”la Caixa” Foundation 2023 Art for Change call.