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The Shortest Day

Short Film Celebration

Audiovisuals + Festivals


Winter solstice, shortest day of the year and the world’s short film festival! A day to underline the importance of both recent and rediscovered wonders.

The programme includes pearls from filmmakers returning to the art of short filmmaking after time spent making features, the customary children’s programmes and a tantalising Bandarra! session, as well as a special selection from the Catalunya Film Festivals and the anniversary of the Marvin&Wayne label. Good cinema, short cinema!

This year we’ve swapped roles with a selection of works by filmmakers who’ve gone back to making short films. Leading lights of world cinema such as Roy Andersson, who’s just won the Silver Lion in Venice, and Martin Rejtman, one of the fathers of the new Argentine cinema. There are also more recent talents that everyone’s talking about, such as Carla Simón, returning after the success of Estiu 1993, Nele Wohlatz, winner of the Golden Leopard at Locarno with her first full-length feature, and Borja Cobeaga, a director with his own company and also the renowned scriptwriter behind some of the biggest hits in Spanish cinema.

The programme’s turned out to be very political (‘all cinema is political’, as Costa-Gavras would say), proving that short film isn’t merely a training ground or springboard but also often a fist striking a table.

World of Glory, Roy Andersson
Tres oraciones sobre la Argentina, Nele Wohlatz
Democracia, Borja Cobeaga
Shakti, Martin Rejtman
Después también, Carla Simón

KM. 0
This year sees the 10th anniversary of the short format distributor Marvin&Wayne and they’ve brought us a small selection of the most recent and outstanding local productions. They wanted to show the more than 200 films that have passed through their catalogue and, although that’s obviously not possible, they’ve certainly planned a few surprises.
(93 min. Recommended age: 16+)

Los seis grados de libertad, Sergio H. Martín
Benidorm 2017, Claudia Costafreda
Greykey, Enric Ribes
Suc de síndria, Irene Moray

The great and best of children’s short films to offer a wonderful family-oriented session. Fathers, mothers, sons and daughters will all enjoy these award-winning shorts from around the world to start off a very festive evening!
(49 min. Especially recommended for 4 to 10 year-olds)

The Giant, Julio Vanzeler, Luis da Matta Almeida
Athleticus: Horizontal Bar, Nicolas Deveaux
The Tie, An Vrombaut
Athleticus: High Jump, Nicolas Deveaux
Our Notebooks, Laura Ginés
Pawo, Antje Heyn
Pip, Gary Johnson, Melody Johnson
Two Trams, Svetlana Andrianova

Irreverent, over the top humour, the late-night session is always one of the highlights to end the day. Slasher, freaky and a little, just a little bit of blood and guts. Veritable caviar for fine palates such as yours.
(71 min. Recommended age: 16+)

Terror Fervor, Phoebe Parsons
Sequence, Carles Torrens
Wild Love, Paul Autric, Quentin Camus, Léa Georges, Maryka Laudet, Zoé Sottiaux, Corentin Yvergniaux
Painting with Joan, Jack Henry Robbins
Mamartuile, Alexander Saevich
Bad Lesbian, Irene Moray
Gremlins: Recall, Ryan Patrick

A short film session covering an entire year of festivals! A selection of some of the films by the members of Catalunya Film Festivals: Festival Protesta, Choreoscope, In-Edit, Docs Barcelona, Fire!! and Fascurt Masnou.
(72 min. Recommended age: 12+)

Frontera invisible, Nicolás Richat, Nico Muzi
Cultes, (LA) Horde
Negre de merda, Manel Serrat
Cocodrilo, Jorge Yúdice
El sueño beato, David Pantaleón


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