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The Influencers

The Influencers 2014

Unconventional Art, Guerrilla Communication, Radical Entertainment

Courses and workshops + Festivals


Directors: Bani Brusadin, Eva & Franco Mattes

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Soy Cámara #42. Behind the screen: 10 years of Influencers

The CCCB’s Programme

Screenwriters and directors: Félix Pérez-Hita, Andrés Hispano

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The Influencers. Ten years of unclassifiable ideas, on and off the information highways.

Bani Brusadin

The Influencers started as an experimental project in 2004, a now far-off age when YouTube was still non-existent and the remixing of popular culture was a complex practice that smacked of the underground. New artistic and activist ferments were emerging from the first wave of digital euphoria and the growing globalisation of ideas: mass culture, [.

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