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Sunday in the Courtyard

Sunday in the Courtyard

Míriam Cano & Antoni Clapés/ Agus Morales & Anna Surinyach


Free with pre-booking

Sunday in the Courtyard, a programme of the CCCB and Laie bookshop offers lectures, conversations and recitals, from the essay through to children’s and young people’s books, with the aim of contributing to keep our city’s cultural richness alive.

Using the Pati de les Dones, an open space at the CCCB that has now been adapted for regularly programmed events, Sunday in the Courtyard offers activities that, informally and simply, expand the fabric of relations and projects linked with the world of books. The CCCB and the Laie bookshop are working together in this project to continue celebrating the transformative power of the word and literature. Stay up to date with this programme with the hashtag #diumengealpati and at the Laie website.


Sunday June 6, 18.00

Míriam Cano and Antoni Clapés

Myths are transformed over the centuries: they lose nuances the further they move away from the ancient cultures that originated them, but they gain definition when people today take them and think about them. Míriam Cano and Antoni Clapés will tell us about the poetry of their daily myths.

Limited places, prior registration is necessary.


Sunday June 27, 18.00

Agus Morales and Anna Surinyach

What's behind the great reports? Make the decision, make the preparations, move around, do interviews, observe, look for a final result ... Agus Morales from the writing and Anna Surinyach from the image will tell us about this process through their latest journalistic projects.

Limited places, prior registration is necessary.


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