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Sunday in the Courtyard


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Sunday in the Courtyard, a new programme of the CCCB and Laie bookshop, aims to offer activities that reflect the cultural vitality and diversity of our surroundings at a time when the spaces for cultural life have been drastically reduced but also when the need for coming together and engaging in exchanges is greater than ever.

Using the Pati de les Dones, an open space at the CCCB that has now been adapted for regularly programmed events, Sunday in the Courtyard offers activities that, informally and simply, expand the fabric of relations and projects linked with the world of books. With lectures, conversations and recitals, from the essay through to children’s and young people’s books, Sunday in the Courtyard aspires to create moments of dialogue that contribute towards keeping our city’s cultural richness alive.

The CCCB and the Laie bookshop are working together in this project to continue celebrating the transformative power of the word and literature. Stay up to date with this programme with the hashtag #diumengealpati and at the Laie website.


Sunday 7 March. 12 noon

The Demons of Translation

Arnau Pons and Joan Ferrarons will speak about different strategies for translating and the resulting consequences. On the basis of their experience as literary translators, they will raise basic questions for understanding the places of translation today.

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Sunday 14 March. 12 noon

War of Genres!

Borja Bagunyà and Marina Espasa will talk about UTOs (Unidentified Textual Objects), or hybrid and even polyhedral books that frequently don’t fit into the usual sections in bookshops and libraries.

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Sunday 21 March. 12 noon

The Universe Didn’t Need to be Observed by Anyone

Helen Torres, Teresa López-Pellisa, and Manuela Buriel will speak with entertaining erudition about contemporary metamorphoses and proletarian fables on the basis of their research into the books of the Colectivo Juan de Madre and also of Manuela Buriel.

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Sunday 28 March. 12 noon

Because We Have to Die Sometimes So They’ll Pay Attention to Us

On the occasion of the publication Porque ya no queda tiempo, (Because There’s No Time Left, Jekyll & Jill, 2020), the author, Rafa Cervera will speak with the literary critic José de Montfort about the adventure of fitting a whole life into the pages of a book.

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Sunday 11 April. 6 p.m.

Discussion with Paula Bonet about her latest book L’anguila (The Eel, Univers and Anagrama, 2021).


Sunday 25 April. 12 noon

Jordi Cussà will speak with Manel Ollé on the occasion of the launch of his latest book, El primer emperador i la reina Lluna (The First Emperor and the Moon Queen, Comanegra, 2020).

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