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"Suburbia" for people with blindness or low vision

Adapted guided tour


We accompany you to the exhibition and offer you a series of sensory experiences, explanations, and descriptions to enrich the experience of the visit.

Who hasn't longed for the American dream? A big house with a garden, a swimming pool and a couple of cars in the garage. A quiet, safe place to live as a family, close to nature in a people-friendly neighbourhood. This exhibition traces the cultural history of a lifestyle ideal that has been endlessly reproduced on television, in advertising and in cinema, and analyses the validity and the most controversial aspects of its urban planning model.

During the visit, descriptions of the space and museography are made, the curatorial story is followed, and tactile explorations are made of objects in the room or others that we create to complement the explanations, we also do readings of texts and auditory listening processes of exhibited pieces, as well as audio descriptions that we have worked on for specific pieces. To do this, we involve several professionals in the design of the visit: Quim Módenes, cultural mediator expert in the design of accessible visits, and Maria Magdalena Garzón, pedagogue and creator in dance, with the collaboration of Júlia Pujols, producer of audiovisuals with audio description.


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