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OVNI 2020. End of Winter



The Observatori de Vídeo No Identificat (OVNI) proposes a journey by video between sleep and waking, drift at a time of volatility and remembering. This edition presents a special interpretation of the extensive holdings of the Observatori Archives, a collective programme accompanied by the work and the look of  the recently deceased Toni Serra - Abu Ali.

Winter’s End, without focusing on a specific theme, offers some considerations about drift at a time marked by loss. OVNI 2020 proposes a space of attentive, subtle, low-speed videographic time, with the desire to return to an intimate relationship with the image.

Winter’s End is in memory of Toni Serra - Abu Ali, cofounder of the project and author of a large body of video works. The programme of OVNI 2020 is guided by some of his pieces, including three that are less known, anonymous or signed with a pseudonym.

Winter’s End is a journey through dreamlike video sessions. The title refers to something evocative and yet concrete: the last days of winter and movement towards the light.

This activity is part of OVNI

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