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Medasawa and Bella Báguena in concert

Performative concerts


This session includes two concerts. In the first, Medasawa immerses the audience in a world of phantasy with the help of music, poetry and voice. Then Bella Báguena offers a sound work for the stage that is half concert, half performance.

Medasawa presents Life in Motherlode, a little trip to a phantasy world through music, poetry and voice, where one learns that reality is made of lucid dreams. It is a materialized utopia, a world poem that guides you in the ascent, by transforming the fruit of imagination into facts. It means feeling the water of an oasis on your skin, traveling through every colour of the rainbow, squeezing until the last drop of the twilight. It means walking down to the deepest level of the night club and realizing that fairies and magic have always dwelled down there. In short, Life in Motherlode is an ode to everything that is good and beautiful, but it is, above all, a grateful gift to love.

Bella Báguena presents a hybrid form between concert and performance, where she deploys both her musical experience as performance and performing arts to produce a stage and sound piece.

The combined ticket includes the show Larva and the concerts of Medasawa and Bella Báguena.

Participants: Bella Báguena, Medasawa

This activity is part of The Mask Never Lies, SÂLMON 2022

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