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AI and Music


Performative talk by Maria Arnal


Singer Maria Arnal has created “Maria CHOIR”, an artistic and musical piece made with AI with which you can interact in the exhibition AI: Artificial Intelligence. In this performative talk she’ll be sharing the secrets of the training and creation of the work. The audience will have an active role: it will have to sing to help generate a new collective synthetic voice.

“Maria CHOIR” is an interactive installation in which a synthetic reproduction of Maria Arnal’s voice harmonizes in real time with what the visitors sing, forming a human-digital hybrid chorus that evolves in time. This work reflects on the way voice synthesis models are radically changing the paradigm of what a sung voice is in the contemporary musical landscape.

In this performative talk, Maria Arnal will share the secrets of the training involved in this model, with its “defects”, unusual features and wonderful creative possibilities. Arnal will also invite us to sing, to contribute to collectively training the model, which has previously only been trained individually in the exhibition. This recording will contribute to the creation of a new collective synthetic voice that will produce a piece of music.

Participants: Maria Arnal

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