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Let’s Play! with Deconstructeam and Outconsumer

Live game session



Jordi de Paco, creative director, writer and designer at the Deconstructeam studio, talks to Outconsumer against the background of a live gaming session in which the public is invited to take part.

Deconstructeam is an independent video game development studio set up in 2012 in Valencia. It is an example of a very successful indie studio that with limited means and lots of talent has created its own free style, and sees video games as a form of entertainment that raises moral and ethical questions from an irreverent, critical viewpoint.

While playing games produced by the studio such as Gods Will be Watching and The Red String Club, Outconsumer and de Paco will be talking about the working methodology of Deconstructeam and its creative process, about the concept of disruptive interaction in its games, about the intentional choice of characters to represent different models from the standard roles of usual narratives, and the capacity of the video game to promote critical spirit on the part of players and influence their behaviour in real life.

Throughout the months that the exhibition Gameplay runs, Outconsumer, a journalist and YouTuber specialising in video games, will present four sessions to discover and enjoy games such as Gris, Minecraft, Gods Will be Watching, The Red String Club and Brothers. A Tale of Two Sons.

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