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Feminist Film Manifestos V. The right to one’s own body

International Women’s Film Festival at the CCCB



The dominant cinematographic representation of voyeuristic, fetishist and ultimately invisibilising practices regarding the experience of women in relation to their own bodies has its counterpoint in the practices of film feminisms. In this edition we present some seminal pieces from a dissident, feminist counter-cinema that have reversed the established canons and shifted the focus towards new expressions of pleasure, sexuality, reproductive health and its political defence and a discussion of gender binaryism.

Friday November 8, 19.00

  • Cosas de mujeres, Rosa Martha Fernández (Mexico, 1978, 45’)
  • Pond and Waterfall, Barbara Hammer (USA, 1982, 15’, silent). Courtesy Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI), New York. 
  • Cosmetic Emergency, Martha Colburn (Netherlands-Canada, 2005, 8’)

Digital screening.


Saturday November 9


  • L’aggettivo donna, Colletivo Femminista Cinema-Roma (Italy, 1971, 55’). Film courtesy of the collections of CSC-Cineteca Nazionale.


  • De un cuerpo a esta parte (Soy Cámara), Marga Almirall and Marta Nieto (Spain, 2019, 15’)
  • Gendernauts, Monika Treut (Germany-USA, 1999, 86’)

Digital screening.


Sunday November 10, 18.30

  • Orlando, Sally Potter (UK, 1992, 94’)

DCP projection.

Original version with Spanish subtitles. Sessions presented by the Festival programming team.

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