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DocsBarcelona 2022

International Documentary Film Festival

Festivals + Audiovisuals

DocsBarcelona celebrates its 25th edition with a programation that aims to stir consciences, and with a sample of the best of world documentary production.

On this occasion, it will have twenty-nine feature films, twelve short films and four titles, in the Docs&Teens, from twenty-six countries around the world.

For two weeks, the festival will offer a wide range of stylistic and thematic themes, with different films that dialogue with each other and creates revealing connections for audiences. This year’s programming is a loudspeaker against injustice and, at the same time, opens multiple windows to imagine new worlds.

The inauguration will be on May 18th at Aribau Cinema with the American production Navalny, by Daniel Roher; author of the award-winning Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson & The Band. This spy thriller portrays the figure of Alexei Navalny, one of the most important opponents of Vladímir Putin, now imprisoned. In addition, the focus is also on the poisoning he suffered on a plane trip from Siberia to Moscow.

On the other hand, DocsBarcelona continues to bet on the inexhaustible talent that emerged in our house, and for the look that our cinema dedicates to the documentary genre. One of the most important films in this edition is Robin Bank, by Anna Giralt Gris; an intimate thriller about the Catalan activist, Enric Duran, the Robin Hood of the XXI century.

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