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In symbiosis

Converstion with Anna Tsing, Victoria Reyes García and Maria Ptqk

Histories of Contamination and Survival


In this conversation, the anthropologist Anna Tsing will speak with ICREA Research Professor Victoria Reyes García and the cultural critic and researcher Maria Ptqk about how to foster caring in an interdependent, globalised world.

In her book The Mushroom at the End of the World (Princeton University Press, 2015 / La seta del fin del mundo: sobre la posibilidad de vida en las ruinas capitalistas, Capitán Swing, October 2021), Anna Tsing examines the relationship between capitalist destruction and collaborative survival in multispecies settings. As the pandemic has demonstrated, the various forms of ecological imbalance generated by humans have serious effects far beyond local contexts. The idea that we are connected with a host of organisms in a delicate global network presents a new way of understanding the relationship between species. How can relations of exploitation be replaced by solidarity and caring? What tools do we need to live in harmony with this interdependent world?

Anna Tsing will participate online.


Participants: Anna Tsing, Maria Ptqk, Victoria Reyes García

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