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Grec 2019

#Challenges: Brief and explosive workshop of stage arts for teenagers

Workshop by La Tristura

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Performing arts, as a space of wild and direct art like a hard punch. Two hours to shout, think and dance; two hours to discover that the theater is young!

Over twenty youngsters between fifteen and twenty years participate in a two-hour-workshop that question, expand or turn around what participants understand by theatre. It’s a space and a moment to shout, think and dance until you realize that youth has nothing to do with biological age but with one’s mood.

The workshop ends with a visit to the CCCB Theatre where Future Lovers is represented the same day, in order to know the show’s technique and talk with the show’s young protagonists.

The name of #Challenges (#Reptes in catalan) relates to a series of workshops and other artistic activities that require the active involvement and commitment of the youngsters who participate in them. It is a proposal that is specifically aimed at those who already have an entrance to the evening show but, in the morning, might want to delve into the subject dealt with in the show.

This activity is part of Grec 2019

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