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Brain(s): automatons, accidents and sinthetic evolution

Lecture by Ricard Solé



The human brain has extraordinary capacities, including language and awareness but it is also the result of an evolution that is full of accidents and makeshift developments. Could humans have a synthetic artificial brain? What might we learn from the historical process that has endowed us with the human mind?

Ricard Solé, ICREA research professor at the Pompeu Fabra University (UPF)

Presenter: Jaume Vilalta, director of the TV3 (Catalan Television) programme “Quèquicom” [What Who How]


«The Brain» is the third cycle in the ICREA-CCCB Debates, a regularly occurring joint endeavour which aims to inform the general public of the advances being made and challenges facing top-ranking scientists currently working in Catalonia.

Presenters: Jaume Vilalta

Participants: Ricard Solé

This activity is part of The Brain, ICREA-CCCB Debates

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