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Xcèntric. 2008-2009

Amorous psychogeography


Body and landscape come to life in geography of desire in this series of works made in Canada, United States and France. Love appears as a referent in these meditation proposals, in which the audience is dragged in a lost "coming and going" in the hidden corners of the body and the landscape open to the sea and the country. The study of the landscape and its impact on the subject here open a path to studying feminine desire. From Yoko Ono's cry in Fly, to the fragmentation of the works of Stephanie Barber, the tone varies greatly but the conscious relationship continues between look and desire.

My Tears are Dry, Laida Lertxundi. United States, 2008, 4 min, 16mm
Sailboat, Joyce Wieland. Canada, 1967, 3 min, 16 mm
Dyketactics, Barbara Hammer. United States, 1974, 4 min, 16 mm
Letters, Notes, Stephanie Barber. United States, 1997, 6 min, 16 mm
Shipfilm, Stephanie Barber. United States, 1998, 3 min, 16 mm
Flower, the Boy, the Librarian, Stephanie Barber. United States, 1996, 6 min, 16 mm
Tahousse, Olivier Fouchard and Mahine Rouhi. France, 2007, 31 min, 16 mm
Fly, Yoko Ono. United States, 1971, 19 min, 16 mm

Directors: Laida Lertxundi, Joyce Wieland, Barbara Hammer, Stephanie Barber, Olivier Fouchard, Mahine Rouhi, Yoko Ono

This activity is part of Xcèntric. Mai - June 2009, Xcèntric. 2008-2009

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