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After the End of the World

«After the End of the World» for the Deaf

Guided tour with interpretation service in sign language

Together with the usual service of commented weekend visits, the CCCB offers, for a few days, a service of interpretation in the Sign Language at the exhibition After the end of the world.

The exhibition talks about the planet of 2017, irreversibly transformed into the planet Antropocè after two centuries of intervention of man in natural systems. But it is also an exhibition about how we will reach the world of the second half of the 21st century, and about the responsibility of our society towards the generations that will be born and grow there.

Artists, philosophers, novelists, marine animals, playwrights, plants, architects, objects, speculative designers, contaminated rivers, satellites, scientists ... work together to imagine scenes, tell stories and build strategies to survive the next world. The result is a hypnotic experience, strangely, that speaks of trauma in the face of the magnitude of the crisis and the loss of the world as we know it, but also of the opportunity for change and the urgency of a pact between generations.

It is very important to register beforehand, if 24 hours before there is no registration, the interpreting service in Sign Language will be canceled.

This activity is part of After the End of the World

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