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PARAL·LEL·POP·UP - Xcèntric Collage Workshop

Four days of cinema and scissorsXcèntric. 12th season 2012-2013

Among the activities of the "Exquisite Collage" Festival (January 11-13), Xcèntric is proud to present a cut-out animation workshop designed in regards to the exhibition Parallel, 1894-1939. Barcelona and the spectacle of modernity.

The workshop will explore the lively collage technique and all its possible variants (invented and to be invented): paper-cuts, torn magazines, punched cards, watermarks lo-fi, manipulated photocopies, home made origami, etc. Old photographs, posters, drawings, sounds, music, postcards and handbills that are part of the exhibition The Parallel will be the main source of conceptual and formal inspiration of the workshop. Its objective is to create a collective film, on a clear experimental basis, where the playful, wonderful, unexpected associations, metaphors and accidents become an essential part of the process of creation and as important as the scissors and glue.

The resulting piece will be shown in the Xcèntric session of Sunday January 13 (6:30 p.m.), before the premiere of The pettifogger, the latest animated collage film by Lewis Klahr.

The Workshop will be taught by Laboratorium, a little factory that combines the creation of experimental films and publications with graphic illustration work for press and television. Its members, Laura Ginès and Pere Ginard, have given talks and workshops on cinema and entertainment centers like Arteleku, Nigerian Film Institute, CCCB, La Casa Encendida, or Arts Santa Mò


Price: 30 euros (Registration guarantees free admission to all Festival screenings)

Hours: Friday, January 11th from 18h to 20h, Saturday 12 from 10am to 14pm and 15pm to 20pm, Sunday 13 from 10am to 14pm

Very limited availability!
 To register, please send the details below in an email to before December 20 (subject must be COLLAGE WORKSHOP):


Mail and telephone number:

Age and occupation:

Four lines with your motivation to attend the workshop: