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  • NOW 2009 // The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight. Thom Hartmann (OV En)


    Lecture by Thom Hartmann, writer and political comentator, introduced by Marc Gavaldà, from the campaign RepsolMata. 

    The world seems to be melting down around us, with climate change, species extinctions, population explosions, and a massive poisoning of our Earth by industrial activity at the same time we are overfishing our oceans and militarizing outer space. Yet these are not the cause of our problems; they are merely symptoms. The true cause of the crisis the world is facing is grounded in our modern industrial culture - how we think - and it is that thinking that is driving our destructive behaviors. Thom Hartmann shows how humans have confronted culture-ending problems like this before, and some cultures have succeeded in changing their way of thinking (and thus their behaviors), while others have simply gone extinct. In this compelling and story-rich talk, Hartmann shows how we can work our way out of the crises we have created and bring ourselves into the light of a world that truly works for all.


    Activity: The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight

    Participants: Marc Gavaldà, Thom Hartmann

    Theme: Eco Factor, Emerging Culture

  • NOW 2009 // Degrowth as a Way Out of the Crisis. Serge Latouche (OV Fr trad Ca)

    Serge Latouche

    Lecture by Serge latouche, economist and growth objector, on the solutions to the current crisis that degrowth can bring.

    Over the years of speculative and financial euphoria, it was quite common to find newspaper headlines proclaiming that the economy was doing well, but people weren't. This was a result of displacements, the abolishment of basic social guarantees, increased precarity and unemployment. Now, it may be possible to turn the headlines around and find that if the economy is doing badly, people's situations may be improving. Perhaps this is an opportunity to develop de-growth initiatives in a spirit of solidarity, working together to ensure that the recession does not end up becoming an antechamber for chaos and ecofascism but rather the start of a new phase that aims for a calm, responsible decrease.


    Activity: Degrowth as a Way Out of the Crisis

    Participants: Serge Latouche, Santiago Vilanova

    Theme: Eco Factor, Emerging Culture, New Activism

  • NOW 2009 // Our Place in the Cosmos. Jill Tarter, Jordi Portell (OV Ca & En)

    Jill Tarter

    A conversation between Jordi Isern, director of the Institut d'Estudis Espacials de Catalunya (IEEC-CSIC), Jill Tarter, director of the Center for SETI Research at the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Institute and Jordi Portell, coordinator of

    The International Year of Astronomy is the inspiration behind this session focussing on the space sciences, which open windows to the Universe while at the same time posing radical questions about our place in the cosmos. In an open discussion that includes the participation of Jill Tarter by videoconference, this session will also offer a rigorously scientific look at the world's largest research project into extraterrestrial life.


    Activity: Our Place in the Cosmos

    Participants: Jordi Portell, Jill Tarter, Jordi Isern

    Theme: Open Science, New Activism, Cybersphere

  • NOW march 2010: #masacrítica project and Philip Ball lecture


    The cultural platform Zzzinc will present their project #masacritica, with the writer Philip Ball as a guest. Language: Spanish and English


    Activity: #masacritica

    Participants: YProductions, Zzzinc, Philip Ball, José Luis de Vicente

    Theme: Open Science, Emerging Culture, Art Now, Cybersphere