Xavier Bassas

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Xavier Bassas is a philosopher, translator and editor. He has PhDs in French Philology and Philosophy from the Paris-Sorbonne University (Paris IV) and the University of Barcelona where he presently teaches in the Department of French Studies. His main areas of work are phenomenology and its relationship with language, and translations of the works of contemporary French thinkers (especially J. Rancière, J. Derrida and J-L. Marion), as well as editing editions of political works, including The Emancipated Spectator (El espectador emancipado) by Rancière; The Meaning of Sarkozy (¿Qué representa el nombre de Sarkozy?) by Alain Badiou; Democracy in What State? (Democracia en suspenso) by G. Agamben, J. Rancière et al; El tiempo de la igualdad (The Time of Equality) and Las distancias del cine (Cinema Distances) by J. Rancière; ¿Qué es el pueblo? (What Is a People?) by A. Badiou, J. Rancière et al; and El hilo perdido (The Lost Thread) by J. Rancière. He is presently working on a book titled La resistència del llenguatge. De la fenomenologia a la política: Husserl, Derrida i Rancière (The Resistance of Language. From Phenomenology to Politics: Husserl, Derrida and Rancière – forthcoming 2015).

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