Wayne Baker Jowandi

Artist from Kimberley area in the south-west of Australia. A cross-bred striding over two worlds: on the one hand one of the oldest vivid cultures on the planet, on the other hand the modern western culture which changed the face of Australia within two centuries of colonization. Both composer and singer, he tooks part in festivals in Australia as well as in Europe and composed film and radio music. As a dancer, his ancestors lead him to dance upon the traditional narrations of his cultural inheritance. As an author-narrator, he shoot several films and videos which received an award at European festivals and were distributed throughout the world television channels.

Jowandi is a musical show centred on Australian Aborigines' traditional songs and music. The music is taken out from two traditional rituals handed down by the Yawuru tribes. It goes over the personal adventure of an Australian Aborigine «Kriol» (metis) named and through him, over the history of the Aboriginal people : the remostest culture of the planet.

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