Toni MassanÚs

General director of the AlÝcia Foundation.

With diplomas in culinary arts from Barcelona and Toulouse, he has studied in situ culinary cultures around the world, was director of the inventory of the Corpus Culinari Tradicional Català (Corpus of Traditional Catalan Cuisine), and has written books on cooking and food culture. He is scientific director of the encyclopaedia La nostra cuina (Our Cuisine) and has worked on national and international restaurant guides besides being a jury member for the British review Restaurant, which selects the fifty best restaurants in the world. He is a food and gastronomic critic for numerous publications and in different branches of the media. He has been recognised with the Ignasi Domènech Award, the Nadal Medal for Gastronomic Merit, and the Juan Mari Arzak Prize for Gastronomy and the Media. The Alícia Foundation, of which he is director, is a centre for culinary research and promoting good eating habits.

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