Theun Karelse

(Borssele, Netherlands, 1974)

Illustrator, artist and builder

Theun Karelse finished art school in 1998 at Sint Joost (Breda, Netherlands) and then went on to earn a Master's degree in autonomous arts at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam in 2000.

Primarily a drawer, Theun also works as a prototyper and researcher at FoAM in Brussels and Amsterdam. His interest in all things obscure and ancient have earned him the title of ‘Hagiographer of Ancient Technologies' as specified on the FoAM website.

His most noted publication, The Field Guide to Flying Saints, combines Catholic history with neurology and appeared in 2001. His most recent publication is Scale-Invariance in Science and Art, published in November 2008. Most of his other publications are in the form of ‘documentary-comics', of which no clear bibliography is kept.

Takes part in
Networks, Nodes and Bridges The Connections Between Art, Science, Technology and Design