Taban Lo Liyong

(Kajo Kaji, Sudan, 1939)

B.A. in Literature and Journalism at Howard University, Washington; M.F.A and Fellow of International Writers Workshop at University of Iowa.

Born in Kajo Kaji, Sudan, in 1939. He grew up and was educated in Uganda. He has worked as a lecturer in English for several African universities and he has been Professor of Literature in universities of South Africa and at the present he is professor and head at the Centre for African Studies, University of Venda.

Publications: poetry includes Carrying Knowledge up a Palm Tree (1998), Another Nigger Dead (1972); fiction as Meditations (1978), The Uniformed Man (1971)...; essays as Another Last Word (1990), Reconstituting the Sudan(s) (1998)... He has also been the editor of three books and he has translated one.

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