Suso de Toro

(Santiago de Compostela, Spain, 1956)


Xesús Miguel de Toro Santos graduated in Modern and Contemporary Art from the University of Santiago de Compostela. He directed the Pepa Loba street theatre group(1976-1978), and wrote several works for it.

His literary career began in earnest with the appearance of two books of short stories, Caixón desastre (1983) and Polaroid (1986), both of which won the Critics' Prize of Galicia. In 1988 he published the novel Land Rover, followed by detective novel Ambulancia (1990), Tic-Tac (1993) -winner of the Spanish Critics' Prize and adapted for theatre-, La sombra cazadora (1994), Cuenta saldada (1996), Calzados Lola (1997), Non volvas (2000), 13 campanadas (2002) and Servicio de Urxencias (2002).

He has published the theatre comedy Unha rosa é unha rosa (1996), written for the Teatro del Noroeste theatre company, and the travelogue La flecha amarilla (1998). The books F.M. (1991) and A carrierado salmón (2001) contain many of the articles he has published in newspapers and magazines. He is also the author of the essays: Camilo Nogueira e outras voces (1991), Unha pouca cinza (1992), Parado na tormenta (1996) and El pueblo de la niebla (2000).

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