Steve Lambert

(Los Angeles, California, USA 1976)


Steve Lambert was born to a former Franciscan Monk and a Dominican Nun who practiced a variation of Liberation Theology, then abandoned organized religion and left the church a year before his birth. Despite never graduating from high school, Steve went on to study sociology, film, and music before receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2000 and a Master of Fine Arts degree at University of California in 2006. After years of doing street-level interventions, he founded the Anti-Advertising Agency in 2004. In the past, Steve has worked as a furniture installer, radio host, record store clerk, ballet dancer, parking lot attendant, undercover store investigator, theatre house manager, delivery truck driver, upright bass player in country western band, school teacher, landscaper, and lecturer among other things. He currently claims artist and professor on his taxes.

Steve's projects and art works have shown throughout the United States, as well as Cuba, Canada, Holland, and Barcelona. Writings about his work have appeared in multiple publications such as the New York Times, Punk Planet, El País, and Newsweek Magazine.

A recent project for the city of San Francisco had Steve asking architects, city and transportation planners "What would you do to the city if you didn't have to worry about bureaucracy, budgets, politics, or physics"? These ideas were then incorporated into drawings that will be installed by the city in November 2007.

Steve is currently a senior fellow at Eyebeam's Open R&D Lab in New York.