Soul Divos

Dj Vader, Dj Scom and Marco Fonktana.

In September 1999, Scom (Chus), Plutonium (Cristian) and Marco Fonktana formed Soul Divos, a hip-hop project with room for all their musical influences, covering a wide spectrum of musics, from most black music (jazz, funk, soul, blues...), via rock (metal, hardcore...), electronic (techno, house, breakbeat, d'n'b...), to all kinds of abstract and instrumental hip hop. They bring it all home to create a style that is as personal as possible, maximising the potential of their means.

Now, with the incorporation of Paula Sendim on vocal backing, they are working on the recording and production of their fifth CD, Soul Deluxe Vol. 1 , with unreleased tracks, remixes and the participation of other likeminded musicians and creators.

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