Sihem Bensedrine

(Tunis, 1950)

Sihem Bensedrine, Tunisian-born journalist, has always been a fierce opponent to the regime of former president Ben Ali, which has also led to his being jailed several times.

Journalist, writer and spokesman for the National Council for Liberties. It is considered the figurehead of resistance to dictatorship in Tunisia. She was jailed several times for defending the freedom of the press and branded the civil-rights violations. Despite all attempts of intimidation, she continued to blame the regime of former President Ben Ali came to power in 1987.

Kalima is the opposition newspaper which she is editor in chief, denouncing the violations of human rights, methods mafia government and police harassment everyday.

Bensedrine continues today to lobby and advocate for successful transition to democracy and take the country out of a dictatorial and corruption system that is entrenched.

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