Sebastian Mery

Manager/producer. Sebastian studied Business at the University of Barcelona and entered Barcelona Televisió to produce a weekly music show in Barcelona. A year later, he joined the Promotions department of record company EMI MUSIC. He worked there for four years, two as Head of Promotions in the Chrysalis Barcelona division.

He left the company in order to create LIFE ABSOLUTELY, associated to INFINITY FILMS. He directed this production company, specialising in music video production, working for major names such as EMI, WARNER and SONY.

In 2004 he continued his studies at Media Film Business School, where he specialised in financing plans. He then set up his own production company, LIFE & PICTURES, in order to develop and produce his own projects with the premise of scouting out new talents for film projects. In 2009 he was selected in the first multiplatform projects workshop (MULTIPLATFORM BUSINESS SCHOOL), also part of the European Media scheme.


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