Santiago Vilanova

(Olot, Spain, 1947)

Graduated in Media Studies by the Universitat AutÚnoma de Barcelona, writer and environmental consultant

Member of the Journalist Association of Catalonia, of the Municipal Council for Environment and Sustainability of the Ajuntament de Barcelona, of the International Federation of Environmental Journalists, of the Association des Journalistes-Écrivains pour la Nature et l´Écologie, ECOROPA and Eurosolar. Director of Gea-Consultors Ambientals and president of the association Una Sola Terra.

He currently writes for the newspaper El Punt and promoter of the television channel by the Internet Only One Earth TV. He has been director of the Diario de Barcelona (1983-84), of the magazines Actual (1982) and Userda (1977-81) and editor of the El Correo Catalán (1973-1976).

Among others, has published L'energia del turisme sostenible ("The Energy of Sustainable Tourism", 2001), Empresaris verds per a un planeta blau ("Green businessmen for a Blue Planet", 1994), Chernobil: el fin del mito nuclear ("Chernobil: the End of the Nuclear Myth", 1988), El síndrome nuclear. El accidente de Harrisburg y el riesgo nuclear en España ("The Nuclear Syndrome. The Accident at Harrisburg and the Nuclear Risk in Spain", 1980) and the novels El secret d'Hiva Oa ("The Secret of Hiva Oa", 1998) and Acció Paral.lela ("Parallel Action", 1984).