Ruth Wodak

Professor of Discourse Studies at Lancaster University, she is president of “Societas Linguistica Europea” and a member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Among the prizes she has been awarded is the Wittgenstein Prize for Elite Researchers. She has taught in a number of American and European universities including those of Vienna, Uppsala, Stanford and Georgetown. She is co-editor of the Discourse and Society, Critical Discourse Studies and Journal of Language and Politics, besides being the director of the collection “Discourse Approaches to Politics, Society and Culture” (John Benjamins Publishers). She has recently published Methods of Critical Discourse Analysis (edited with Michael Meyer), which appeared in Spanish as Métodos de análisis crítico del discurso published by Gedisa in 2003, Identity, Belonging and Migration (Liverpool University Press, 2008) and The Politics of Exclusion: Debating Migration in Austria (Transaction publishers, 2009).

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