Robyn Hitchcock

 George Wright

He began his musical career as a member of The Soft Boys, a group with which he produced some of the most brilliant discs of British post-punk, while his solo career has consolidated his renown as one of the most personal rock-author voices of all time. Throughout his wide-ranging career, this musician, artist, painter and occasional actor has been outstanding for his pronounced melodic sense, which is evident in such resoundingly successful compositions as I Often Dream of Trains, which appeared in 1984.

Ironic and loquacious, he puts all the richness of the language into pop. Thirty years after his debut, having steered clear of comparison with other big names such as Syd Barret or Bob Dylan, he has consolidated a discourse that makes him a kind of outsider godfather to alternative rock thanks to his eloquent and lucid lyrics of clear literary and surrealist bent.

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