Rita Indiana Hernández

(Santo Domingo, República Dominicana)
Rita Indiana

Born and raised in Santo Domingo, as a child Rita Indiana often visited her father, a trader resident in the US, like so many Dominicans. Educated at a Catholic school, she went to university to study History of Art, a course she left along with design school to start writing her first novel, La Estrategia de Chochueca, 2000.

After making some incursions into performance art, she combined various jobs ranging from advertising to babysitting and working in a hotel laundry with producing the disc Altar Espandex, with Miti Miti, a mix of naïf, electro, merengue and gaga, rated by the NY Daily News as one of the top five in indie music for 2008.

After writing the books of short stories Rumiantes (1998) and Ciencia succión (2002), in 2009 she formed Rita Indiana y los misterios, a project that served to fuse her main interests: conceptual art, popular music, Afro-Caribbean magical religious traditions and social criticism. The project was rapidly acclaimed on YouTube, Facebook, etc., and made the singer a celebrity first in the Dominican Republic and then in Puerto Rico and the Antilles in general.
In late 2010, Premium Latin Music released El Juidero, the group’s first disc. 

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