Ricard Solé

© Antonio Lajusticia Bueno, 2015

Ricard Solé is ICREA research professor at Pompeu Fabra University (UPF), where he is director of the Complex Systems Lab (UPF-PRBB) and lectures in biomathematics, biological design and complex diseases. He holds degrees in biology and physics and received a PhD in the latter, which enabled him to focus his research career on complex systems. His research interests span a broad spectrum of disciplines, from the study of the evolutionary dynamics of viruses to synthetic biology and its application in the preservation of ecosystems, and the study of social networks, languages and systems as complex as the internet. He has worked with the CCCB as an educator and scientific advisor on the exhibition «+Humans» and is one of the people behind the programme «Science at Christmas». He has also written the books Redes complejas (Tusquets, 2009) and Vidas sintéticas (Tusquets, 2012).