Riadh Ahmed

(Bagdad, Iraq, 1958)

He is a musician who specialises in eastern percussion.

His training began in Baghdad in the 1970s and continued in Paris (1980-1982) and Barcelona, where he settled in 1982. Since the 1990s he has performed and recorded with groups of very different styles: medieval and Renaissance music, flamenco, Mediterranean-Sephardic music, Afro-reggae, music from the Balkans, ska, etc.

He has worked with such varied groups and artists as Ketama, Els Trobadors and Jorge Sarraute. He formed part of the percussion duo Ahmed Martínez (with Ernest Martínez) and, more recently, of the Zyryab trio. Since 1996 he has been involved in teaching music, giving percussion classes and workshops at centres in Barcelona and the Maresme. He was musical director of the play Transversal telemàtic-Surfing la bomba informàtica (2003), based on the book by Paul Virilio. He was a workshop facilitator for cajón and eastern percussion at the Forum 2004.

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