Philip Gwyn Jones

(Cardiff, United Kingdom, 1966)

Director and editor of Portobello Books, a publishing label founded in the year 2005 with the support of Sigrid Rausing and Eric Abraham. He decided to become a publisher during his university studies in York.

After a phase spent training at a modest children's publisher, in 1989 he went to work for the largest British publisher, Collins, later known as HarperCollins, and stayed there for fifteen years. For the last eight of those years he was editor of Flamingo, publishing, among others, works by Isabel Allende, Douglas Coupland, Doris Lessing, Paul Preston and Arundhati Roy. Following this he set up a new independent label which he currently directs, Portobello Books, and which specialises in internationalist fiction, as well as an array of culturally, historically, anthropologically and politically engaged non-fiction.

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