Pat Cadigan

Born in New York and raised in Massachusetts. Pat Cadigan lived for many years in Kansas, but moved to London in August 1996.

She is the author of six novels, the latest of which is Reality Used to be a Friend of Mine, a police procedural, set in the future and in Artificial Reality.

Pat Cadigan is a leading science fiction writer, and a respected futurist and commentator on popular culture. She was labelled "The Queen of Cyberpunk" by the London Guardian. Her fiction, both novels and short stories, has received many awards and nominations, and is published in French, German, Italian and Japanese, as well as her native English. Many leading academics have drawn on her work, and she receives frequent invitations to contribute to academic conferences.

Pat's previous five novels are: Mindplayers (1987), Synners (1991), Fools (1992), Tea from an Empty Cup (1998), and Dervish is Digital (2000). She is now working on short fiction and a new novel which contains fantastic elements. Pat's short story collections include Patterns (1989), Home by the Sea (1993) and Dirty Work (1993).

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