Pablo Capanna

(Florence, Italy, 1939)

He is a lecturer in Philosophy at the UBA, Head of Department at the National Technological University (FRBA), writer and journalist.

He was assistant editor of the magazine Criterio, forming part of the editorial board from 1971 to 2001. He has been a columnist for the magazines El Péndulo and Minotauro and contributed to various newspapers in Buenos Aires and Montevideo. Since 1998 he has written for the ‘Futuro' supplement of Página 12.

In 1967 he published El sentido de la ciencia ficción, the first essay to be written in Spanish on the subject. It was followed by La Tecnarquía (Barcelona, 1973); El Señor de la tarde. Conjeturas en torno de Cordwainer Smith (Buenos Aires, 1984); Idios Kosmos. Claves para Philip K. Dick (Buenos Aires, 1992, 1995); El mundo de la science fiction (Buenos Aires, 1992); J. G. Ballard. El tiempo desolado (Buenos Aires, 1993); El mito de la Nueva Era (Buenos Aires, 1993) and Excursos. Grandes Relatos de ficción (1999).

His books and articles address utopian thought, myth, culture, science and religion in the technological age.

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